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  • Outgoing OCF President Reflects on his Last Year At Georgetown in OCF

    Outgoing OCF President Reflects on his Last Year At Georgetown in OCF

    Outgoing Orthodox Christian Fellowship President Tim Markatos shares his reflection on OCF, his journey, and Orthodox Life at Georgetown.

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  • Ten Minute Spirituality for a Modern World

    Ten Minute Spirituality for a Modern World

    “Ten Minute Spirituality for a Modern World,” by Archimandrite Sergius (Bowyer)

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  • Hoya Faith Groups

    Hoya Faith Groups

    The Christian ministries offer Hoya Faith Groups (HFG) as an invitation for students to explore questions and share experiences of faith in a community.

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"I was born and baptized Orthodox, but it's only been with the guidance of our chaplain and community that I've truly discovered what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. This has inexpressibly blessed my Georgetown experience." -Rekha Varghese, C'13

Georgetown University is blessed with a diverse Campus Ministry giving strong support to the students and faculty of many different faith traditions present on campus. While remaining true to its Roman Catholic and Jesuit roots the university has continually sought to offer ministry to those of other religious backgrounds truly enhancing the spiritual experience of those who chose to utilize the services of the Office of Campus Ministry. The Orthodox Chaplain, Fr. Constantine White has been at Georgetown since 1986. Fr. Constantine also serves as the pastor of an Orthodox Church in Maryland. 

Our first service is a Service for the Beginning of the Academic year and includes all present being individually blessed with Holy Water. Liturgy is the primary expression of the Orthodox faith, and the Orthodox Ministry at Georgetown centers on liturgical services. During most of the academic year we gather weekly for vespers in Copley Crypt Chapel. Vespers, an evening prayer service, reflects the Orthodox Liturgical calendar and marks Holy Days and Saints days. During Great Lent we hold the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts so that students have an opportunity to receive communion on campus. On Sundays students are encouraged to go to one of two local Orthodox churches. For Pascha the university provides transportation to and from those churches for midnight services.

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An active student group on campus, Georgetown OCF has both a close relationship with Orthodox Christian Life at Georgetown and is an independent vibrant student community group.