The Christian Ministries of the Office of Campus Ministry offer Hoya Faith Groups (HFG) as an invitation for students to explore questions and share experiences of faith in a community. HFGs set a supportive environment of 6-10 students led by a trained student facilitator.  Groups meet for 9 weeks, developing trust and authentic fellowship.  Groups are organized by topic, chosen to create meaningful and honest discussion about current life events that affect prayer and the spiritual life.  Rooted in an experience of community, HFGs create an opportunity to delve deeper into life and faith.  

Topics in the past have included:

Faith and Social Justice: What Would Jesus Do?

We are living in a time of pain, suffering, and chaos throughout the world from Flint, Michigan to Aleppo, Syria, and as believers we should feel called to cry out for justice and to show love to those in pain. Through comparison of scripture and current events, each participant will develop their own understanding of the need to act in the face of injustice as believers just like Jesus did.

Life After Sunday: Embracing Faith and Living Authentically

This group provides a community to explore developing faith on a college campus and making it a central piece of who you are and how you live.

Exploring the Gospel through Music

As an art form that expresses joy, challenge, and individual experiences, music is ideal for exploring themes of faith. This group will explore different genres of music, worship styles, and lyrics with the goal of understanding spiritual questions and growing in faith.

Characters of Discernment: Faith, Passion and Finding a Path in Harry Potter and Star Wars

This group will look at faith through the lens of passion in the characters of Harry Potter and Star Wars and how these characters use discernment along the way. Absolutely no prior knowledge of Harry Potter or Star Wars necessary.

Finding Your Spiritual Path: Prayer that Works for You

Life can be hard to keep track of. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what kind of journey we’re taking until we step back and reflect on where we’ve come from and think about where we might be headed. Together, we’ll discuss the various events, people and cultures that have shaped our spiritual paths and talk about finding dynamic forms of prayer to match the constantly shifting worlds around and within us. The direction of our discussions will flow to represent the emergent character of our group and the individual journeys of its members.

It's in the Small Things

Often times we turn to God in intense situations or for help in the "big things" in our life and we can sometimes forget that God is with us in all matters, whether they be big or small. This HFG will focus on looking at how at how God works and is present in our everyday lives, and the impact even a few minutes of prayer can have.

Magis: A Deeper Look Within

With the fast-paced, busy atmosphere on the Hilltop, it can be really hard to stop and just reflect on ourselves. With classes, clubs, and internships, we're convinced that there is no time left for ourselves. This group provides a space and time to focus on and explore your future direction, your personal relationships, your faith, and you.

The Image of God: Our Varying Cultural Lenses

Christian practice is often heavily influenced by one's culture, be it subsets of the American culture, or even an international one. Through our group, we want to create an environment for students to share their unique cultural influences on faith and practice of it while also learning about new ones. We will be exploring the different expressions of the Christian faith as well as different ways to develop our faith.