Pamplona: A Retreat in the Ignatian Tradition

Looking to connect on a deeper level with fellow Hoyas, have fun, and grow in your faith? Sign up for a Catholic Retreat.

This overnight retreat for all class years is named after the battle of Pamplona in 1521 where St. Ignatius Loyola was seriously wounded in both legs by a cannonball. Nearing death, Ignatius had to convalesce in his family castle for many months. During this time of great suffering and loss, he turned to God through prayer, reading and reflecting, and the course of his life changed forever. Like Ignatius, we, too, are invited to reflect on our own “cannonball moments” and discover how God is with us through our joys and struggles.

Who: Undergraduates, all class years.

When: October 21, 4 PM – October 22, 5 PM

Where: Georgetown’s beautiful Calcagnini Contemplative Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Cost: $40, including transportation, accommodations and meals. (NB: Financial aid is available, please write to Chaplain Michelle at the email below).

Questions? Email Chaplain Michelle at