• Lent 2016

    Lent 2016

    Sign up to receive daily devotional emails. February 10th through April 3rd.

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  • Lenten Small Faith Groups

    Lenten Small Faith Groups

    Join one of our many student-led Christian faith groups during this lenten season. Groups run weekly from Feb. 15 through Mar. 25.

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  • Religious Services

    Religious Services

    Georgetown offers religious services in various faith traditions. If a service is not available we will aid you in finding a one in the Georgetown area.

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  • ESCAPE First Year Program

    ESCAPE First Year Program

    ESCAPE is a First Year Program offered throughout the year. Find out more information here:

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From Our Blog

  • Music with a Message
    February 11, 2016
    As a member of Georgetown University’s Chapel Choir, I sing every Sunday at 9:30pm mass in Dahlgren. Our music serves as an elevation of prayer, a method of reflection for those who attend mass. One day during mass last year, … Continue reading
  • “Proceeding” after Jesuit Heritage Week
    February 11, 2016
      “Ignatius and his followers began their preaching in poverty. They worked with the powerful and the powerless, with princes, kings and bishops, but also with the women of the street and the victims of the plague. They linked their … Continue reading
  • Cura Personathletes
    February 11, 2016
    This past weekend I attended the inaugural Hoya Athlete Retreat. The Hoya Athlete Retreat was created this year in order to give Georgetown student athletes an opportunity to escape the hectic schedule on the Hilltop for 24 hours, and reflect … Continue reading

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