Student Organizations

Campus Ministry is home to a diverse array of active student organizations that welcome students of all traditions and beliefs. These organizations offer many student-led activities, including religious observances, meditation, retreats, pilgrimages, interreligious dialogues, philosophical discussions, social justice advocacy, community service, artistic performances, and regular social gatherings. 

Campus Ministry Student Forum

The Campus Ministry Student Forum (CMSF) is an advisory board responsible for supporting and advocating for undergraduate Campus Ministry student organizations at Georgetown. Contact CMSF.

Buddhist Student Association

Georgetown Buddhist Student Association (BUSA) offers students a space and community for Buddhist meditation practice. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Catholic Women of Georgetown

The Catholic Women of Georgetown is a group of young women looking to grow spiritually, participate in service and be part of a caring sisterhood. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Hindu Student Association

The Hindu Student Association (HSA) is an active organization on campus that strives to create an environment in which students can practice and explore Hindu traditions and spirituality. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Jain Student Association

The Jain Student Association (JaSA) offers the Georgetown community a safe, contemplative space for mindfulness, simple living, and non-violence towards others and the environment (ahimsa). Contact: email and Instagram.

Jewish Student Association

The Jewish Student Association (JSA) is a welcoming, energetic, and diverse student group that plans exciting Jewish social and cultural programs for undergraduate students. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a group of Catholic men committed to service, growth in faith and building fraternity among its members. Contact: email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Georgetown University is an organization compromised of Muslim students, and services to unite the Muslim student community through a series of spiritual, educational, and social activities. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Latter-day Saints Student Association

The Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) is the student group for anyone interested in practicing or learning more about the Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Contact: email, and Facebook.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the student organization of the Orthodox ministry. It is associated with the national Orthodox Christian Fellowship which is a pan-Orthodox entity recognized by all of the Orthodox jurisdictions in North America. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Protestant Student Association

The Protestant Student Association is an interdenominational group that provides students with the resources and spaces to get connected to a Christ-centered community, grow spiritually, and learn more about the Christian faith through fellowship.

Sikh Student Association

The Sikh Student Association (SSA) is the student group for anyone looking for a place to practice or learn more about Sikhism. Contact: email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Women in Faith

Women in Faith (WIF) is a student group that plans discussions focusing on the intersection of gender and religion and events that foster gender inclusion. All gender identities are welcome. Contact: email and Instagram.

If you are interested in developing a new student organization please contact,