Calcagnini Contemplative Center

A photo of the Calcagnini Contemplative Center sign

Opened in 2013 and located on 55 acres of picturesque grounds in Bluemont, VA, and overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, the award-winning Calcagnini Contemplative Center (CCC) is less than 90 minutes from Georgetown University.

The CCC provides a welcoming space for the Office of Mission & Ministry’s contemplative day and overnight retreats. Other Georgetown departments and groups are welcome to host contemplative programs in collaboration with Mission & Ministry.

The CCC was made possible through the generosity of Arthur Calcagnini (C’54) and his wife, Nancy, longtime supporters of Georgetown University’s ESCAPE First-Year Experience (new window).


  • Chapel of St. Ignatius
  • Arrupe Community Building
    • Large room with fireplace
    • 2 small Spiritual Direction Rooms, each with 2 chairs
  • Hohenheim Mountain House
    • Various rooms for small- and medium-sized groups, as well as 1:1s
  • McKenna Dining Hall
  • 28 cabins, each with a private bathroom
    • Up to 3 occupants per room
    • 2 ADA bedrooms, each with a private bathroom
  • Recreational areas and private hiking trail
  • If you are interested in co-hosting a contemplative program with Mission & Ministry, please read the FAQ below. It will help you determine whether the CCC is the best venue for your aims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the CCC?

Only the Georgetown University community, with approval of and in close collaboration with Mission & Ministry, is permitted to use the CCC. This includes:

  • Students (Undergrad)
  • Students (Graduate)
  • Administration
  • Faculty
  • Staff/AAP
  • Alumni

External groups are not permitted to use the CCC. Similarly, weddings, receptions, and other public or private functions are not permitted.

What guidelines are there for retreat schedules and content?

Retreat content must be:

  • Developed in collaboration with Mission & Ministry with an eye to Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition, Ignatian values, and interreligious commitments
    • Mission & Ministry chaplains have retreat agendas that they can adapt to the needs of your group
  • Primarily contemplative in nature
  • Aimed at community and spiritual formation
  • Directed by professional staff (with trained student leaders if applicable)

What type of retreats are available?

All retreats at the CCC are primarily contemplative in nature. Options include:

Overnight Retreats

  • Typically one night
  • About 5 pm to 5 pm
  • Typically on weekends

Day Retreats

  • 10 am to 3 pm
  • Typically on weekdays

Please note that due to limitations in our agreement with Clarke County, staff retreats are generally restricted to day retreats (10 am to 3 pm).

What days are generally available?

Mission & Ministry programs occupy the CCC almost all weekend days (Friday afternoon through Sunday) during the academic year. Weekdays are much more flexible.

How many retreatants and staff can the CCC host?

Overnight Retreats: Minimum: 25; Maximum: 65

Day Retreats: Minimum: 25; Maximum: 78

What about food?

Meals are provided by a contracted caterer. Below are the standard mealtimes.

Overnight RetreatDay Retreat
Dinner6 pmN/A
Breakfast9 am 10 am (Light meal + coffee)
Lunch1 pm 12 pm

What about transportation?

  • Vehicle parking is restricted (6 spots).
  • Carpools are strongly encouraged.
  • Shuttle transportation from campus to the CCC (and back) is typical.
  • To facilitate transportation and ensure the integrity of the retreat experience for the community, late arrivals and early departures are discouraged.

What about costs?

Costs for CCC use include cleaning, catering, and transportation, and are contingent on the number of individuals coming to the CCC. Estimates can be provided upon inquiry.

What are the CCC’s digital capacities?

Digital technology is limited at the CCC. There is no WiFi, and cell phone Internet service is spotty. We do not have screens or projectors for use. Remote participation in retreats, whether as a retreatant or presenter, is generally not possible.

What else do I need to know?

Coordinator: Each requesting party is required to designate a coordinator to serve as the point of contact for the retreat. The coordinator must be a Georgetown employee and must remain on-site throughout the duration of the retreat. Additional policies and instructions will be provided upon inquiry.

How do I start organizing a retreat?

If you are interested in collaborating with Mission & Ministry to design a retreat for your group, please contact

What happens if our idea for a retreat does not align with CCC stipulations?

We are happy to help direct you to other nearby retreat centers that work for your needs.

Why are these restrictions in place?

Usage of the CCC is governed by the university’s agreements with Clarke County, Virginia, and is also limited by facility capacities.