Jewish Life at Georgetown

Effective immediately and until further notice:

All in-person gatherings including Shabbat are suspended.

Shabbat Service

Fridays, 6:30 pm at Makóm, Leavey Center

High Holy Days Services

Connect with a GUish Intern

GUish Interns help new and unaffiliated Jewish students connect with Jewish Life at Georgetown and the D.C. area.


Jewish Student Groups

Explore Jewish Life at Georgetown

Georgetown is a great place to experience a relevant, vibrant and transformative Judaism within a welcoming, friendly and diverse Jewish community that is hundreds strong.

Together with faculty, staff, and our Rabbi, we empower one another to progress along our personal journeys and to discern our unique roles in delivering a brighter future for the Jewish people and for the world.

Our Philosophy: Connection, Confidence, Concern

Jewish Life at Georgetown aspires to advance the life and growth of every self-defined Jewish student through building their sense of Jewish Connection, Confidence, and Concern.

Fostering Jewish Community at Georgetown: Connection

Georgetown provides many distinct avenues for connecting with Jewish Life on campus and off, including:

  • The office for Jewish Life and a full-time on-campus Rabbi
  • Numerous distinct Jewish student-led organizations
  • Bayit – our residential Jewish Interest Living and Learning Community
  • International programs in Israel and abroad, and
  • Vibrant Jewish studies coursework through the university’s Center for Jewish Civilization.

Enhancing Knowledge, Strengthening Identity: Confidence

Confidence is feeling secure in one’s Jewish identity and level of Jewish knowledge.

Jewish Life at Georgetown overflows with Jewish educational and experiential opportunities that promote Jewish confidence. For example:

  • Weekly Shabbat services and dinners
  • Regular holiday observances
  • Rabbi-led learning series
  • Shabbat retreats
  • Classes on everything from Biblical Literature to Philip Roth
  • Both a minor and a certificate in Jewish Civilization

Inspiring Jewish Global Citizens: Concern

Concern is a deep and authentic passion for a brighter future for the Jewish people and for the world.

In partnership with departments across the university, Jewish Life at Georgetown provides numerous opportunities for our students to develop and act on their Jewish and justice concerns, including:

Our Approach

  • Supporting student initiatives (“If you will it, we’ll help you make it happen.”)
  • Providing small group Jewish learning (“If you want to study it, we’ll teach it.”)
  • Providing one-on-one meetings or on-going pastoral care with our Rabbi (“If you need us, we’re here for you.”)
  • Providing significant opportunities for student leadership (“If you do it, we’ll train you in doing it even better.”)

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