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GUish Interns help new and unaffiliated Jewish students connect with Jewish Life at Georgetown and the D.C. area.

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Jewish Life at Georgetown:

Jewish Life at Georgetown fosters a welcoming, robust, and diverse Jewish community on campus.

Jewish Life pursues Campus Ministry’s mission to promote deeper meaning, belonging, and purpose through a range of exciting co-curricular and curricular activities.  Our weekly Shabbat evening services and dinner is the spiritual heartbeat of our community.  But other exciting opportunities for engagement abound. Jewish Life provides rabbinic and staff-led Jewish learning opportunities that promote Jewish literacy and wisdom with real life applications.  We offer one-on-one rabbinic support for coping with personal life challenges and engaging life’s big questions.  We host discussions, lectures, and programs that ultimately help students discern their unique paths towards becoming Jewish global citizens who contribute to a brighter future for the Jewish people and the world.

Jewish Life aims to engage the maximum number of Jewish students with the broadest range of perspectives.  We both meet students where they are and guide them further along a path of greater meaning, purpose, and belonging.

Jewish Life offers:

-GUish Student Engagement Internship designed to build and maintain interpersonal relationships among Jewish students. New and yet-to-be-involved students can meet student interns, and one day apply to be an intern themselves.

-The Jewish Student Association (JSA) builds community among Jewish students through a wide array of social, cultural, and holiday programming and offerings

-Weekly Shabbat services

-Holiday observances on campus

Off campus Shabbaton retreats once a semester so students can go off campus, pause from their everyday campus life, and immerse themselves in Jewish community, spirituality and wisdom

Bayit, our Jewish Living Learning Community, located in a residence hall on campus, helps bring home-based Judaism to our campus

The Center for Jewish Civilization also offers students a wide range of classes to learn more about Jewish life.

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