Dharmic Life at Georgetown

Experience Dharma in its vibrant variety at Georgetown, where hundreds of Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs from across the spectrum gather regularly in diverse settings to discuss, engage, celebrate, and discover. Dharmic Life at Georgetown seeks to equip every seeker with relevant, logical, and well-explained teachings and practices from the diverse depths of the Dharmas. We aspire to be a pluralistic space that welcomes everyone inclusive of all varieties of religious/spiritual, gender, sexuality, physical ability, race, ethnicity, color, class, or caste identities. Thus, together, we empower one another to progress along our journeys towards physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Ethos: Experience, Question, and Compassion

No human is alike, and celebrating this variety is the backbone of Dharma. Whether one is devout or occasional, a believer or a skeptic, Dharmic Life provides various opportunities to deepen their Experience, Questioning, and Compassion.




Dharmic Retreats

Join us for this unique Dharmic Life retreat with interactive workshops on experiencing meditation practices for our fast-paced lives. Interspersed with good food, relaxation, and amazing scenery, this retreat is open to all.

Explore the Dharmic Retreat

Weekly Āratī & Buddhist Meditation

Unless otherwise noted all gatherings take place in the Dharmic Meditation Center in the Leavey Center.

All gatherings have ended for the academic year and will resume in the fall semester.

As the above are affected by the changing lunisolar dates, please sign up for the Dharmic Life Newsletter for the latest schedule for each week.

To see a full schedule of all Campus Ministry gatherings and services, please visit our Campus Ministry Religious Services Calendar.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ramaswamy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor in the State of Maryland and in the District of Columbia. She completed MS in Counseling at Johns Hopkins University (2004) and served as a counseling faculty for 6 years since 2015. Her first doctorate (PhD) in 2012 linked practices of Indian classical dance to ashta anga principle of yoga based on the seminal yoga text, Yogasutra. In 2017, Dr. Ramaswamy completed a second doctorate (EdD) on cultivating multicultural counseling competence, using meditation and mindfulness practices. At Sri Siva Vishnu Temple (SSVT) Dr. Ramaswamy teaches a Dharma-focused Sunday school program for students of all ages, that highlights the significance and relevance of dharmic wisdom, especially in modern times. As an
educator, she has worked with school and college students since 1990 adopting a transformative learning pedagogy where both teacher and students co-create a nurturing and generative space for new learning to emerge.

Courtney Henderson-Adams is the Interreligious Coordinator, assisting in Jewish, Muslim, and Dharmic life, and other interreligious programs and initiatives. Before joining Georgetown, Courtney worked at the Virginia Theological Seminary’s Center for Anglican Communion Studies where she coordinated the department’s events and international guests across the Anglican communion. Courtney has a BA in Communications from Pace University (2019), and an MA in Religious Studies from Athens State University (2022). Her thesis research focused on the sociological definition of religion and new religious movements. She also enjoys researching the history of major, minor, and new religions, and the relationship between mass media and religion. Courtney is a loyal Dunkin’ customer and enjoys her quality time with her pug, Barbra. 

Questions? Please email dharmiclife@georgetown.edu