Dharmic Life at Georgetown

Effective immediately and until further notice:

All in-person gatherings including Āratī are suspended.

Experience Dharma in its vibrant variety at Georgetown, where hundreds of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains from across the spectrum gather regularly in diverse settings to discuss, engage, celebrate, and discover.

Dharmic Life at Georgetown seeks to connect and empower every seeker with the contemporarily relevant, logical and well-explained teachings and practices from the diverse depths of Dharma. In doing so, it is hoped that each individual may grow in their knowledge, flourish in their practice, and develop in completeness as a human being perfectly situated for giving back their best to one’s family, community and the world.

Modern and traditional Dharma

No human is alike, and the celebration of this variety is the backbone of Dharma. Whether one is devout or occasional, a believer or a sceptic, Dharmic Life provides various opportunities to Experience, Question, and Grow:


  • Vibrant celebrations of major festivals such as Diwālī, Wesak, Baisakhi, etc.
  • Weekly Services: Buddhist meditation services, Hindu Weekly Ārati featuring meditation, wisdom, Hanumān Chālīsā, Āratī and a hot Prasāda Dinner: Re-center, re-connect and re-energize.
  • Undergraduate Community with the Buddhist Student Association, Hindu Student Association and Sikh Student Association
  • Sevā – thrive through serving those in need both in the USA and worldwide
  • An annual Magis Immersion Trip to India in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice
  • Lectures and discussions with visiting and resident Professors, Innovators, and Leaders
  • Various events from movie screenings and performances to symposiums and national dialogues.  


  • Regular discussions and question-answer sessions at Weekly Āratī and other services
  • Bi-monthly Decoding Dharma seminars facilitate deep, probing questioning of Dharmic practice, conventions, scripture and community
  • Small group or one-on-one discussions on everything from the Vedānta-sūtras to the Kāma-sūtras and beyond: healthy questioning leads to logic and clarity!
  • Attend University classes in a wide range of subjects from Sanskrit to Political Economy of International Development


  • Nurture – use one-off or regular one-on-one meetings to work through personal spiritual questions or issues
  • Invigorate – through one-on-one spiritual direction sessions with our Hindu Spiritual Advisor with a focus on supporting healthy and transformational spiritual development. We also have contacts with local Buddhist and Sikh spiritual leaders.
  • Participate – in a variety of leadership training and development, attend the annual Dharmic Life Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains to grow in one’s spirituality
  • Innovate – myriad opportunities for serving the community as leaders, and creating ideas and projects to empower the Dharmic community both on campus, in the wider US, and worldwide.
  • Connect – with networks of professionals, authentic spiritual organizations, and other pathways for spiritual and community development and service beyond the Hilltop.

What’s inside the resource guide?

  • Information about programs, activities and student societies
  • Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain calendar
  • Dietary information

For inquiries, contact dharmiclife@georgetown.edu.