Dharmic Life at Georgetown

Experience Dharma in its vibrant variety at Georgetown, where hundreds of Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs from across the spectrum gather regularly in diverse settings to discuss, engage, celebrate, and discover.

Dharmic Life at Georgetown seeks to equip every seeker with relevant, logical, and well-explained teachings and practices from the diverse depths of the Dharmas. We aspire to be a pluralistic space that welcomes everyone inclusive of all varieties of religious/spiritual, gender, sexuality, physical ability, race, ethnicity, color, class, or caste identities. Thus, together, we empower one another to progress along our journeys towards physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Ethos: Experience, Question, and Compassion

No human is alike, celebration this variety is the backbone of Dharma. Whether one is devout or occasional, a believer or a sceptic, Dharmic Life provides various opportunities to deepen their Experience, Questioning, and Compassion.


* Connection with the Office for Dharmic Life, our full-time on-campus spiritual advisor, and the interreligious coordinator. We also can connect interested students with local spiritual leaders from various Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh traditions.

* Community with student-led organizations such as the Buddhist Student Association, Hindu Student Association and Sikh Student Association, plus numerous independent cultural organizations

* Spiritual Gatherings with likeminded students – from the skeptical to the inquisitive, from the cultural to the devout: Weekly Āratī followed by dinner for all (resuming post-pandemic), and Weekly Buddhist Meditations.

* Festivals, from the fun of Holi, Songkran, and Vaisakhi to the deep spirituality of Diwālī, Wesak, and Guru Nānak Jayanti, we endeavor to invite all to an authentic experience of the celebrations.

* Annual Overnight Retreat held at the University’s retreat center in the Blue Ridge Valley. 

* Regular meditations and other programs by invited speakers, professors, leaders, and innovators.


* Decoding Dharma – fortnightly seminars facilitating deep, probing questions on anything to do with the Hindu Dharmas: from the Vedānta Sutras to the Kāma Sūtras and everything beyond: we believe learning to question brings logic and clarity!

* Regular opportunities to question during the Weekly Āratī dinners

* One-on-one or small group discussions on topical issues

* Jijñāsa sessions, exploring the teachings in greater depth


* Learn compassion for oneself through one-on-one discussions with Brahmachariji, exploring the connection of our emotional and mental selves with our sense of spiritual balance.

* Understand with compassion about the various social issues that affect our world through discussions, classes, and an Annual Immersion Trip in partnership with the Center for Social Justice to India and other countries. 

* Live compassionately to bring harmony to one’s body, mind, intellect, and spiritual essence with numerous resources.

* Serve with compassion, utilizing the various networks of people and spiritual organizations that conduct themselves with integrity.

What’s inside the resource guide?

  • Information about programs, activities, and student societies
  • Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and Sikh calendar
  • Dietary information

For inquiries, contact dharmiclife@georgetown.edu.