Join one of Georgetown’s most-loved traditions for the past 30 years as we continue online for the Spring of 2021!

Spring 2021 Retreat Dates:

Feb. 5-6; Feb. 27-28; March 12-13; March 13-14; April 9-10; April 11-12

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2020-2021 ESCAPE Retreats

What is ESCAPE?

ESCAPE is a first-year transition and reflection program designed to create a space for students to get to know their classmates and engage in conversation about the journey of college. Small groups, led by upper class mentors, foster a sense of meaning and belonging throughout the retreat as well as the rest of your Georgetown career.

A two-part experience, this retreat is designed as an escape from the virtual Hilltop. ESCAPE is accessible to people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds and reflection is a central part of the retreat experience. There will be talks from upper class team leaders and a faculty or staff member, followed by individual and small group reflection. Students reflect on the person they were before they became Georgetown students and who they want to be as members of the Georgetown community and beyond. There will be free time, time away from your screen, breaks, games, music, and more!

We are offering six different retreats this semester, one specifically for transfer students. Retreats take place over the course of a Friday and Saturday or a Saturday and Sunday, depending on the dates you choose. Each retreat consists of two meeting times that take place over Zoom (all times are EST): 

Day 1) 6:00-10:15 PM 

Day 2) 12:30-4:30 PM

Attending both sessions is important and will qualify you to be matched up with an ESCAPE alumni mentor. There will be opt-in opportunities (yoga, meditation, movie night, etc.) offered, outside of the designated times, over the course of the weekend if you’d like to join those too! The retreat Zoom link and other information will be shared with everyone who registered during the week leading up to the retreat. Questions? Email the program staff at (new window).