Join one of Georgetown’s most-loved traditions for the past 31 years!

Students at the retreat center.

2021-22 Retreat Dates:

Fall Dates

Oct. 22 – 23

Oct. 23 – 24

Nov. 12 – 13

Nov. 13 – 14

Spring Dates

Jan. 28 – 29

Jan. 29 – 30*

Feb. 25 – 26 

Feb. 26 – 27

Mar. 25 – 26

Mar. 26 – 27

* Indicates Transfer ESCAPE

Register through our Campus Groups page.

What is ESCAPE?

ESCAPE is a first-year transition and reflection program designed to create a space for students to get to know their classmates and engage in conversation about the journey of college. Small groups, led by upper-level student mentors, foster a sense of meaning and belonging throughout the retreat as well as the rest of your Georgetown career.

A 27-hour experience, this retreat is designed as an escape from the Hilltop. ESCAPE is accessible to people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds and reflection is a central part of the retreat experience. There will be talks from upper-level student team leaders and a faculty or staff member, followed by individual and small group reflection. Students reflect on the person they were before they became Georgetown students and who they want to be as members of the Georgetown community and beyond. There will be free time, food, optional time in nature, games, music, and more!

We are offering four different retreats in the fall and six in the spring with one specifically for transfer students. Retreats take place at Georgetown’s Calcagnini Contemplative Center in Bluemont, VA, over the course of a Friday and Saturday or a Saturday and Sunday, depending on the dates you choose. 

Registration is $40.00 and covers the cost of the retreat, an ESCAPE t-shirt, and other fun ESCAPE swag. If the fee poses a challenge, financial assistance is available. Questions? Please email the ESCAPE team for more information. Please note, registration fees are non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I’m not very religious or not religious at all, will I still enjoy the retreat?

ESCAPE is for everyone. Regardless of how religious you are you will get a lot out of the overnight. While ESCAPE draws on Jesuit tradition, the retreat is accessible to people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

Does ESCAPE take up the entire weekend?

ESCAPE is only 27 hours. You can choose between the Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday overnights. You will leave at 4:00 pm and return the next day around 7:00 pm.

I’m really busy right now. Should I wait until next year to attend?

ESCAPE is a first-year retreat. This means only freshmen and transfer students in their first year can attend. Go at a time that is convenient for your schedule. But, keep in mind the last overnights are in March.

Is ESCAPE a camping trip?

ESCAPE is not a camping trip. We will spend most of the weekend indoors in climate-controlled buildings. Still, you will have time to spend outside during your free time, when you can explore the grounds of the Calcagnini Contemplative Center if you like.

What to bring to ESCAPE?

  • For comfort: A sleeping bag and pillow -OR- sheets, blanket, and pillow; you can rent sleeping bags for $9.00 through Outdoor Ed.
  • For cleanliness: A towel, soap, shampoo, a change of clothes, and whatever else you need to get ready.
  • For unpredictable weather: Durable shoes, socks, and a sweatshirt or jacket.
  • For fun: A good book, cards, games, or your journal for free time (unless you want to romp outside, hang out by the fire, or take a nap).
  • For reflection: A journal if you like to use one.
  • For hydration: A reusable water bottle or mug for coffee/tea.
  • For everyone’s listening pleasure: guitars or other musical instruments if you play any!