Muslim Life at Georgetown

  • Muslim Prayer Services

    There are five daily prayers everyday in the Muslim Prayer Room, along with Friday Jum'ah Prayers, and a monthly Qiyamul-Lail.

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"With guidance from our dedicated chaplains, I developed an understanding of my faith and engaged in a dialogue with others. Most importantly though, I learned more about myself than I had ever expected." - Noreen Shaikh, C'12

Muslim Community

If you identify as Muslim or with Muslims or Islam in any way, the Muslim Life and Chaplaincy is here for you. We provide a range of spiritual, social, counseling, and educational services that are available to people of all faiths or no faith, and all levels of interest and engagement.

We are here for you, and fully ready to provide all members of Georgetown’s Muslim and non-Muslim faith (or no faith) community an outlet for brotherhood, sisterhood, and support on campus. In addition to its on-campus activities, it also arranges retreat programs and individual counseling that reinforce this bond and facilitate religious reflection and expression on and off campus.

Georgetown University is dedicated to a harmonious, pluralistic ideal in relation to faith. We embrace cura personalis and honor the examples of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that showcase the need for and importance of dialogue, coexistence, and ongoing peaceful, informative discourse. Georgetown University was the first American university to appoint a full-time imam to support the Muslim community on campus. In promoting this positive discourse, the Muslim Life and Chaplaincy is focused on providing worship services and religious support to Georgetown’s Muslim community as well as accurate information about Islam and Muslims to interested members of the greater Georgetown community.

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