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The Gift of Residential Ministry

By Michelle Siemietkowski, (C’92, G’98), Catholic Chaplain and Resident Minister to off-campus students. Residential Ministers live in university residence halls and apartments to accompan…

May 22nd, 2023

A Year of Being Interreligious

A reflection by Lin Henke, (C’23) I know it’s Friday because I’m walking home from Shabbat. Makom has been vacuumed, the kitchen counters have been wiped, and my body feels the type of peace tha…

May 15th, 2023

Reflection: The Kumari of Patan

By Nami Bolat, (C ’25) We sped through the Patan Durbar Museum to arrive at our next destination in time: a visit with the Kumari of Patan. The Kumari Devi we met that evening is the latest inca…

May 4th, 2023