Copley Crypt Chapel

Religious icons in the Orthodox Christian worship space, Copley Crypt

The new religious icons for the Orthodox Christian worship space, Copley Crypt, are delivered and installed.

Orthodox Christian liturgical life at Georgetown takes place in Copley Crypt Chapel which is aptly suited for Orthodox services. Copley Crypt Chapel is directly under the Servant of God Sr. Thea Bowman Chapel of St. William. The chapel (formerly known as St. William) was originally built attached to Copley dormitory to facilitate students attending daily mass, previously a requirement for graduation.

Wakes for Jesuits are held in Copley Crypt Chapel overnight for their burial the next morning in the Jesuit Cemetery which is located just below the entrance to the crypt chapel. Catholic Masses are celebrated regularly in the Copley Crypt Chapel during the academic year. A variety of Orthodox Christian liturgical services have been held in Copley Crypt Chapel for more than fifty years. The chapel is adorned with numerous icons used in both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox worship. Please note that the chapel can only be entered through the back of Copley building and not through the front.