Montserrat: An Overnight Catholic Retreat

In May, 1521, at the age of 30, St. Ignatius Loyola valiantly fought for the Spanish forces against the French during the Battle of Pamplona.  He was gravely injured after a cannonball struck him, wounding one leg and breaking the other.  Admiring his courage, the French soldiers carried him back to his family castle in Loyola where he spent ten months recuperating.

In 1522, after his ten months’ convalescence, St. Ignatius embarked on a pilgrimage journey to Jerusalem to experience where Jesus lived.  During his journey, he stopped at the Benedictine shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat and knelt all night in vigil before Our Lady’s altar. He thought about the kind of life he wanted to live, surrendered his sword at the altar, gave a poor man his fine clothes, and continued his pilgrimage wearing only poor clothes, sandals and a staff. 

What does St. Ignatius’ story mean to us now?

Inspired by this part of Ignatius’ pilgrimage journey, Montserrat is an overnight retreat designed to help students reflect more deeply on who they are, whose they are, and who they want to be. 

Who: Undergraduate students – all class years

When: TBD

Where: Georgetown’s beautiful Calcagnini Contemplative Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Cost: $40, including transportation, accommodations and meals. (NB: Financial aid is available, please write to Chaplain Michelle at the email below).

Questions? Email Chaplain Michelle: