Russell Weismann

Dr. Russell Weismann is the Liturgical Music Director and Organist and Organist for the Office of Campus Ministry. In this role, he oversees Georgetown’s exciting and diverse Music Ministry and serves as a musical liaison for additional events that take place in our campus chapels. A native of Pittsburgh, Russell has a few degrees in music (Doctor of Musical Arts, George Mason University; Master of Music, Yale University; Bachelor of Music, Duquesne University) and specializes in playing the organ. At Georgetown from 2007-2011 and again beginning in 2019, Russell enjoys meeting students who are passionate about the intersection of faith and music and are interested in expanding their musical knowledge and skill. When he’s not on campus, Russ is often seen walking the streets of Georgetown, daydreaming of one day living in Germany. He’s addicted to coffee, struggles with his culinary skills, and enjoys playing golf, traveling, and skiing.