A Small Reminder of God’s Presence

I was uncertain about what I would get out of the Prayer in Daily Life Retreat (new window). The thought of spending four days with just me and God, in what appeared to be silence, seemed daunting.

The first day or two, I tried to find meaning for the absence from God that I felt in that prayer period. As I analyzed my experience I was moved by my spiritual director to ask for an experience of God. I struggled with asking for that from God and wondered if that question was selfish – if I was wasting time I could be using to do work, be more involved in my clubs, or spend time in service. I knew cognitively that God had given me so much, how could I ask for more?

However, I asked for that grace and asked again and again. Mid-week, as I was rushing from one activity to the next, I started to notice the sounds of birds singing – one of my favorite Georgetown sounds (the best time to hear birds, by the way, is walking back from Lau to the Southwest Quad in the early morning hours). I stored this experience away and did not think too much of it at the time, but in spiritual direction I was guided to consider this as a type of answer to my prayer.

It was not grand – it was not dramatic – it did not even address my concerns about graduation and life after Georgetown that I had been thinking about during the week. But I was able to see something beautiful in my daily life, a reminder of God’s presence throughout the confusion of my future plans and my various concerns. I attribute that reminder of God’s presence to my experience with Prayer in Daily Life. By taking the time out of my day to be with God, I was more able and open to see God throughout my day. In waiting for God, I could experience that God comes like a “gentle whisper”, if I am open to receive.

Written by Caroline Musslewhite (new window), C’16