An Ode to Jewish Hoyas

headshot Idan Chazan

Idan Chazan (C’22)

As an incoming freshman last fall, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Jewish community at Georgetown. Judaism was an integral part of my life back home and I wanted to continue that at Georgetown. I was quickly absorbed into the GUish Life community through Shabbatot and the GUish Intern program–in which a set of upper-class Jewish students take freshmen out on coffee dates and introduce them into the community.

Since my first semester, I have been a member of the Jewish Student Association (JSA) board and the Georgetown Israel Alliance board. I’ve also attended Shabbat every week, which combined with the free meal after the service creates an amazing community feel.

In addition, this year as Religious Affairs Chair on the JSA, we have started offering weekly Havdallah sessions in our Bayit apartment. Bayit is yet another aspect of my experience in the Georgetown Jewish community; it is a set of 8 apartments with Kosher kitchens and non-electronic key access so that any Jewish student can have a place where he or she can practice Judaism in their daily life. But it’s also a valuable mini-community within the larger Jewish community. And last, but certainly not least, my fellow Jewish hoyas are among the kindest, most diverse, and caring people I know. It’s certainly a pleasure to be a part of this special community! Overall, the Jewish community at Georgetown has offered me comfort in a new, unfamiliar place and time in my life; and it has also challenged me to think critically about my Jewish identity and broaden my perspective on living a Jewish life in the modern world.

by Idan Chazan (C’22)