Come For The Snacks, Stay For The Conversation…

Every single week my roommate and I look forward to the emails sent from our Harbin Chaplains in Residence (CIR), advertising what kind of treats they are offering us. And, as always, we leave our busy school-work-piled desks to go up and “quickly” grab a bite to eat before heading back to our rooms. We always stay longer than we anticipate, which is perfectly fine.

Our Chaplains’ weekly events allow us to take the time to breathe in between schoolwork like we have never been able to before.

When I enter the Chaplain’s room I instantaneously feel comfort and relaxation, like my body and mind know they’re about to lose their worries and be fueled up again. I have never been an extremely religious person, but that does not matter at all with our CIRs; you can walk in and talk about anything. Other students are always there taking their study breaks too, so everyone can chat and grieve together about how much reading we have for IR or how much we just studied for the approaching philosophy test. Anything is really up for grabs during the chat, but what is always the same is how quickly time flies. The hour goes by before you know it, and then you sadly have to say goodbye to return to your desk, hopefully with an extra snack in hand, to finish your work. The good news is you only have to wait another week to indulge in that same atmosphere. Even better, the Chaplains are always available for chats if you have something in particular on your mind, or just want to set up a time with them when you know you are going to need another study break. I don’t know how they make so much room for us in their lives, but I’m glad they do.

Honestly, I did not know what a big role the Chaplains in Residence here at Georgetown were going to have on my college experience, but I love saying that I have a set of motherly-figures who live in my building who offer me free food, advice, and an opportunity for study breaks. It really is a unique experience and I am truly grateful that I have attended their events and gotten to know them as the kind people they are.

This article was written by Victoria Sabo, C’19