Finding Community With Song and Praise

Noah Williams (COL’21) says he first became involved with Campus Ministry through Protestant Ministry’s Sunday Night Worship services. “I really enjoyed the sense of community and the music so I decided to get involved,” he said. 

And so, during the spring semester of his freshman year, Williams was inspired to join Sunday Night Worship’s student gospel choir. 

“To me, it means much more than just performing. There is an elevated level of ministry to what we do that is unique to gospel music and the effect it can have on those listening and singing it,” says Williams. “Personally, it has allowed me to grow both musically and within my faith.”  

When asked how he was coping with social isolation and being away from a community that has been an essential part of his time at Georgetown, Williams says he’s doing well for the most part and turns to scripture for comfort. 

“One thing that I have constantly been reminding myself of is Psalm 46:10, which tells us to be still and know that God is still God,” he says.

Williams says he also stays in touch with other members of the choir through GroupMe and Zoom. “It is important to remain connected with those that help you stay grounded spiritually, he says. “Especially in times where it feels like there is no ground to stand on.” Adding that he is “eternally grateful” to the chaplains and staff of Protestant Ministry for their efforts to continue weekly services and programs, Rev IT Up and Bible Study online. 

For Williams and his peers, these are unprecedented times but Williams says his faith helps provide him with some certainty in all of the uncertainty, “… by knowing that God is still the same loving God in trials and tribulations that He is in times of peace and comfort.”

by Paula Hong

Paula Hong is a senior in the College. She works at Campus Ministry as a member of the Ecumenical Team and attends Sunday Night Worship.