Finding God in Silence

Rahama Wright In the fall of 2013, I decided to commit to developing a better relationship with God through prayer and silent reflection. I was very happy to discover that Georgetown University’s Campus Ministry had 3 programs that could help me develop the tools to achieve my goal.

I started with the week long Prayer in Daily Life Retreat (new window), which was my first introduction to Ignatian Prayer. I then continued my new found practice by attending the Weekend Ignatian Retreat (new window), and then graduated to the Five-Day Ignatian (new window) Silent Retreat!

During the course of these 3 programs that spanned 5 months, I can truly say that I have been transformed. These retreats gave me several things I did not realize I was missing: time, thoughtful prayer, and quiet reflection. Although, I have developed what appeared to be a consistent religious practice of attending church and prayer, I was missing the quiet reflection time to hear from God.

The Campus Ministry retreats allowed me for the first time to truly connect with God and the Holy Spirit in an environment that gave me the quiet and peace to open up to God’s unconditional and tender love. The Campus Ministry retreat leadership team were incredible spiritual guides throughout this process.

I can say I have develop the tools and the insight that have laid a foundation for me to continue a practice of mediation and prayer that has given me a new lens to view God and my relationship with God. I am forever changed and grateful for the privileged experience afforded to me during the 5 month process. I highly recommend the retreats for anyone looking for a no pressure environment to rest in God’s open arms.

Rahama Wright (new window), Department of Computer Science

Mission and Ministry