From the Hoya: “Bosco: Unite in Celebration of Differences”

“The Spirit always draws out this tension. There is a latent desire in each of us to reduce that which is foreign into simple categories, so that we can justify our differences — well, he’s Muslim, she’s Jewish, we are Republicans, they are Democrats, this professor is conservative and that one is liberal. However, God’s Spirit elicits an even deeper desire out of us: It is a desire to dissolve distinctions, to embrace that which we are not, to celebrate the similarity of our lives amid our dissimilarity. Our Catholic and Jesuit heritage helps us celebrate the differences and the complexities in each of us, while maintaining sight of our common humanity.”

-Fr. Mark Bosco, S.J.

Fr. Mark Bosco, S.J., is the vice president for Mission & Ministry at Georgetown University. As This Jesuit Sees It appears online every other Thursday. Continue to read this featured article from The Hoya on their website.

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