From The Hoya: “Carnes: Rules for Returning Hoyas”

“At Georgetown, New Student Orientation offers a marvelous, nearly round-the-clock set of activities to welcome new Hoyas, introducing them to our community and offering them an array of tools to succeed. Sometimes I wonder if we ought to do something similar for returning Hoyas. Returning has its own dynamics, with both pitfalls and promises; we would do well to acknowledge them and prepare ourselves to make the most of them.”                                            – Fr. Matthew Carnes S.J, The Hoya

Fr. Matthew Carnes, S.J., is an associate professor in the department of government and Walsh School of Foreign Service and currently serves as director of the Center for Latin American Studies. As This Jesuit Sees It is a rotating column that appears online every other Thursday. Continue to read this featured article from The Hoya on their website.