How A Senior Embraces The New Norm Since COVID-19: With Grace

photo of Grace ChungMore than a week and a half has passed since Georgetown’s transition to a “Virtual Learning Environment,” when students were instructed to move out of their dorms to finish the rest of the year off campus. The news hit particularly hard for seniors who had been looking forward to spending their last couple of months as undergraduates on the campus they loved so dearly. Yet, despite the chaos and recent turmoil, Grace Chung, a senior majoring in American Studies, is embracing the new normal with her firm belief in God and graceful attitude towards being mindful of others. 

In terms of my immediate family, I’m most concerned about my parents’ health and well-being. Beyond them, I am worried about those who have been laid off from their positions or can no longer work for other reasons. I’m lucky that much of my community, both on and off campus, have created virtual spaces where I can be encouraged, and also encourage others. I am immensely grateful for such technology, especially since it feels like many in-person relationships have been unceremoniously cut off, which is bittersweet for me as a senior.” 

Chung, like many others, relies on technology to keep her busy and in touch with her friends, colleagues, and co-workers. 

“I am a part of an affiliate ministry called Campus Outreach (CO), and I meet with fellow students and staff of CO over Zoom on a weekly basis. I’ve also been FaceTiming different friends daily.” 

Chung’s commitment to CO serves as one example of how deeply connected she is to her faith—something that has been with her even before Georgetown. Her roots in Christianity are what has helped her through even the toughest of times such as the recent chaos caused by COVID-19. 

On a fundamental level, I’ve already put my hope in Christ to deal with my biggest problem—my sin and natural separation from God. This means that my purpose is to live my life in light of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, by loving him and glorifying him in all that I do. This is easier said than done. What does it mean to love Christ and glorify God in my daily actions, which have been limited to what can be done indoors? Some practices seem to do this more readily, like reading the Bible and praying. However, there is also spending time with family, eating, exercising (in my room), reading, doing work remotely, etc. Yet, attending to these responsibilities can still glorify God, because I’m operating in the way He has designed me, and with the means He’s graciously provided me.”

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by Paula Hong

Paula Hong is a senior in the College. She works at Campus Ministry as a member of the Ecumenical Team and attends Sunday Night Worship.