Milkshakes with Michelle

Each and every week, I greatly look forward to attending “Milkshakes with Michelle” held at the home of Chaplain-in-Residence Michelle Siemietkowski on Thursday evenings. With my last class of each week on Thursday afternoons—not to mention we usually depart for our weekend track meets on Friday mornings—“Milkshakes” has become the perfect way to wind down after a long week and relax before switching gears to track mode in the following days. The milkshakes are absolutely delicious, and the associated company with neighbors, housemates, teammates, and other friends is second to none. I can speak first-hand about the kind of excitement my teammates and I experience when we finish practice on Thursday afternoon and see the reminder email from Michelle that “Milkshakes” will take place that evening. Our first question to one another then becomes, “Are you going to ‘Milkshakes’ tonight?”

Each and every week, I try to bring new friends to “Milkshakes,” and then they do the same the following week. Slowly, I’ve witnessed the size of my “Milkshakes crew” grow larger and larger; sometimes even to the point when it becomes standing room only.

The best part about each week is, amongst all of the delicious treats and friendly conversations, Michelle is always there to greet you with a bright smile and ask you how your week went. She always assures you of her prayers and is always willing to share stories about her experiences as a student and her faith life. I notice that each and every week, I feel better and more positive after my time in Michelle’s home than perhaps I did when I first came. Michelle has a tremendous gift, and she uses the medium of tasty milkshakes in order to share her story and spread her love. I am proud to say I am a “Milkshakes” regular, and I look forward to the many more deep, intellectual, and prayerful conversations I will have, as well as the many more friends I will meet over the course of my last year and half on the Hilltop over a delicious milkshake on Thursday evenings.

Zachary Zingsheim, MSB ’16