NHS Senior Lizzie Considine: Finding Comfort in Community Day-by-Day

Founded in 1903, the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS) program at Georgetown has grown significantly over the past century, producing some of the world’s top researchers and professionals in the field of medicine. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world sees more than ever how important doctors, nurses, and scientists are. These professionals have become our heroes. 

Lizzie Considine, a senior and human science major in NHS hopes to join this field of heroic leaders one day. Until then, she is adjusting to her life in a pandemic as she completes the final semester of her degree. She is also making time to reflect on the importance of her studies and community at Georgetown. 

Considine says the human sciences curriculum has given her a solid background for understanding the disparities that have been delineated by the current pandemic. “One of my biggest concerns is the health of the nation,” she adds. 

But, amidst the anxiety brought about by this troubling time, Considine finds her thoughts also turning to another course she is taking this semester, Jesuits: Missions and Values. “The class has made me more aware of the importance of having a community,” she said.

The value of community never goes away, especially in a pandemic. Whether it’s in a class like Jesuits: Mission and Values or in the broader university community, that recognizes the Georgetown mission, it is helpful to remember the Jesuit Values, especially when the isolation hits too hard, added Considine. 

Despite the many curveballs that COVID-19 has thrown her way, Considine says she is determined to look at the situation optimistically. 

“I’d like to say that I am super positive about having an atypical senior spring,” she said. “It was really awful in the beginning, but ultimately I’m finding a bit of peace knowing that I’m not the only one that is feeling upset about it.”

Although Considine can’t walk around Red Square, or participate in on-campus labs, she is enjoying catching up on shows like Tiger King, “absolutely ridiculous show,” and The Circle, “equally as ridiculous but in a much different way,” as well as a lot of running.

“There are a lot of unknowns. The job market is not looking great, there is uncertainty about the length of quarantine measures, etc,” said Considine. But I can’t control most of these, so I’m trying to take everything day by day.”

by Paula Hong

Paula Hong is a senior in the College. She works at Campus Ministry as a member of the Ecumenical Team and attends Sunday Night Worship.