Resiliency, Optimism, and God’s Grace: Senior, Olivia Jenkins on life during the pandemic

Olivia Jenkins, a senior in the College studying English and journalism, writes her email-interview responses in baby pink colored font, previewing how optimistic she is during the COVID-19 chaos. Correction: how optimistic she is choosing to be during the COVID-19 craziness. 

“All of my hope and purpose is rooted in my belief that there is a God who knows all things and is working everything according to His purpose. I hold onto certain things that I know to be true – my God still reigns, God has brought me through trials before and He will do it again, my God knows the beginning and the end and is not surprised by anything,” says Jenkins.  

Jenkins’ devotion to God helps her find peace in moments when she least expects it. 

“I am most surprised by how at peace I feel with everything that is going on,” she says.

Just like everyone else, though, Jenkins emphasizes how she’s had her fair share of hurdles during this time of crisis.

“Virtual learning has been challenging because it feels like the semester is on hold or that we are on an extended break. I am struggling with all of the distractions that come with living at home and attempting to get my assignments done. There are eight people in my house and there is always something reaching out to grab my attention. I am sad that I won’t be able to have spring graduation, but I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of loss,” she adds.

Being a senior certainly helps with her ability to be resilient and optimistic. Despite how much she misses her friends and routines on campus, Jenkins says she makes thoughtful choices to hold on to the friends and memories she made. 

“I miss the simple things such as hearing the sound of the clock tower every hour and being able to walk along the Potomac River. While I’m sad that I won’t be able to enjoy some of the spring activities and experiences at Georgetown, I know that I will cherish the spring semesters that I did have on campus.”

by Paula Hong

Paula Hong is a senior in the College. She works at Campus Ministry as a member of the Ecumenical Team and attends Sunday Night Worship.