Student employee spotlight: Anna Gloor

Anna Gloor

Anna Gloor

As the Class of 2019 prepares to graduate this week, Campus Ministry would like to acknowledge the hard work of our student employees and their contributions to the mission of our department.

Dustin Hartuv (COL’21), Campus Ministry staff writer, reached out to our 16 student employee graduands to ask them about their time with the department. He brings us this Q & A with Anna Gloor, (COL’19), the second in a short series of reflections.

DH: How long have you worked for Campus Ministry?

AG: I’ve worked for Campus Ministry for the past academic year, throughout the duration of my senior year here at Georgetown.

DH: What was your job at Campus Ministry?

AG: I worked for ESCAPE, the first-year retreat program. As community engagement lead, I coordinated our on-campus programming for leaders and participants to have a chance to connect beyond the retreats themselves.

DH: Do you have any “behind-the-scenes” anecdotes or funny stories you would like to share from working with Campus Ministry?

AG: It’s been an incredible time working with Campus Ministry! My favorite part of the job has been the opportunity to sit with the ESCAPE director Laura Mintel to brainstorm creative new ideas to engage the ESCAPE community. Not only is Laura an amazing person to talk to and listen to, but also sitting at her desk means being able to play with her many puzzles and handheld trinkets while chatting. It’s such a great time, because so many ideas come from these discussions, and I always come out of them feeling fulfilled and energized!

DH: Has working at Campus Ministry deepened your knowledge of your own faith or other faith traditions?

AG: Working at Campus Ministry has deepened my knowledge of other faith traditions and my relationship with faith. Although I do not identify with any particular faith, I have had the chance to learn so much about faith and how my friends in the Campus Ministry community interact with their own faiths. It’s such a beautiful community, and I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to be a part of it even though I don’t identify with any faith myself.

DH: Has working in a multi-faith context prepared you for your future professional career?

AG: I’ve learned so much from working in a multi-faith context, and I feel better equipped to engage with the world beyond Georgetown because of my experience here.