Student employee spotlight: Katie Woodfin

Katie Woodfin, COL’19

As the Class of 2019 prepares to graduate this week, Campus Ministry would like to acknowledge the hard work of our student employees and their contributions to the mission of our department. 

Dustin Hartuv (COL’21), Campus Ministry staff writer, reached out to our 16 student employee graduands to ask them about their time with the department. He brings us this Q & A – the first in a short series of reflections – with Katie Woodfin, (COL’19).

DH: How long have you worked for Campus Ministry?

KW: Two years— Junior and Senior Year.

DH: What was your job at Campus Ministry?

KW: Student Coordinator for Catholic Retreats.

DH: Do you have any “behind-the-scenes” anecdotes or funny stories you would like to share from working with Campus Ministry?

KW: Often, while the retreatants are in small groups or individually reflecting, the student coordinator has time to spend with the retreat director and the chaplains present on that retreat. One of my favorite memories was spending time with Fr. Greg (on one of the many retreats we’ve been on together) as I convinced him that everyone has a “private laugh” and he tried to discover his own types of laughter. It’s one of the most special parts of a retreat— to get to know both peers and adults in a setting that is away from the classroom or formal meetings and to be able to laugh and joke and relax.

DH: Has working at Campus Ministry deepened your knowledge of your own faith or other faith traditions?

KW: Having the opportunity to go on each of the Catholic retreats for two years has been a wonderful experience in deepening my own faith. Having the ability to see others rejoice and get to know their own faith on a deeper level while on retreat has taught me so much. There’s some kind of magic combination of being with peers, being away from campus at the CCC, and getting a chance to be in a small group reflective setting that has allowed me to get to know my peers on a deeper level and to understand what my faith means to me.