The Golden Gospel: Spirited Tunes edition

portrait style photo of a young Black woman. She is wearing a black t-shirt and jacket and wearing yellow earings.

Veronica Williams

Veronica Williams (C’23) a fellow in the Black Interfaith Fellowship created The Golden Gospel devotional for her final project. It’s a curated playlist that combines a brief history of Gospel Music with Williams’ reflections. Williams’ said she came up with the idea after spending time in reflection with Rev. Ebony Grisom, interim director of Protestant Christian Ministry, and her peers in the Fellowship. Through these conversations, she began to realize how much of a role music plays in her faith. “I’m definitely a church baby and I was fully born into the Black church. So growing up within a Black Baptist Church (shout out to St. Paul Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey!) I was surrounded by music and dance”, she said. 

To find out more about Williams’ connection with Gospel music and why she feels closest to God when she listens to her favorite Gospel songs read her devotional