Three Years of Chaplains

With freshman year came many unexpected friendships, challenges, and blessings. In the last category belonged all of my Chaplains in Residence. Before my first week at school, I didn’t even know there would be several Chaplains in each dormitory and at least one for each housing area. Instead, I luckily found myself in a home with some sweet treats for a few hours each week between all of my Chaplains. Stephanie and Jesse quickly became familiar faces in New South, and I looked forward to talking to them each week and having a “floor mom”.

Then, during my sophomore year in Copley I met Lindsey, Anne-Elisabeth, and Fr. O’Brien. I now feel extraordinarily lucky to have had some of Fr. O’Brien’s legendary brownie sundaes for open houses as he prepares to leave for California, and this year I have still returned to chat about life with Anne-Elisabeth and Lindsey. As they have seen me mature through my few years here, so have I witnessed changes in my Chaplain’s lives: this year Lindsey had baby (Jack) and I have never seen such a glowing, happy mom.

But of course, I have a new chaplain this year that I have gotten to know- Jon Rice. Jon has picked waffles as his signature lure to attract students on Thursday nights. He shares a love for my favorite television show (New Girl!), and remembered my name very quickly. He has not only made it super easy to sit, talk, and reflect deeply – like on my year and study abroad experience – but also laugh and review movies and books.

There’s something special about having a Chaplain (or a few!) every year. While each of my chaplains have been unique, they are all excellent listeners and manage to welcome me with an hour per week. To this end, chaplains, I owe you all a big thank you. You bring the Cura Personalis and the Magis that Georgetown promises to every student.

This article was written by Rosa Cuppari, F’17