La Storta: A Senior Retreat in the Ignatian Tradition

Students during the La Storta Retreat

St. Ignatius received a vision at La Storta, near Rome, in 1537. He saw God place Ignatius with Christ carrying the cross. This vision inspired Ignatius to follow Christ more fully and to form the Society of Jesus.

Inspired by this part of Ignatius’ story which deepened Ignatius’ own calling to follow Christ, this retreat is designed to help seniors reflect on their own lives – where they have been these past four years at Georgetown, where are they now, where are they going, and how God is at work every step of the way.

Who: Undergraduate seniors

When: TBD

Where: Georgetown’s beautiful Calcagnini Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Cost: $40, including transportation, accommodations, and meals. (NB: Financial aid is available, please write to Chaplain Michelle at the email below).

Questions? Email Chaplain Michelle at

Frequently Asked Question:

Do I have to be Catholic to come on this retreat?

While this is a Catholic retreat, you don’t have to be Catholic to join. The community environment on all our retreats is always welcoming, reverent, loving and fun! So no matter where you are on your own faith journey, you are always welcome. We will offer opportunities for bonding with friends, reflection, student talks, and time for personal prayer and reflection.