Senior Retreat 2019 

A decades-old tradition, the Senior Retreat is grounded in Georgetown’s Jesuit values and the Ignatian spiritual tradition while being open and welcoming to all members of our community. Take one last opportunity to reflect with other seniors, alumni, and Campus Ministry at Georgetown's beautiful Calcagnini Contemplative Center. We will spend our time hearing talks from alumni and chaplains, enjoying great food, reflecting individually and in small groups, enjoying wine and cheese, and otherwise relaxing before the excitement of Senior Week.

Questions? Interested in speaking on Senior Retreat? Please email Madeline Vitek, Associate Director. As with all Campus Ministry retreats, financial assistance is available.

Additionally, Campus Ministry offers a variety of retreats for seniors, including La Storta Catholic Retreat, as well as the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Orthodox community retreats. For more information about our Catholic Senior retreat, visit the La Storta Senior Retreat webpage.