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A Life Wound By Mercy: A Sacred Lecture with Rev. Gray, S.J.

A Reflection on Fr. Howard Gray’s Sacred Lecture, “A Life Wound By Mercy” November 16, 2017 As a Lutheran, I’ve had the unusual job of representing Catholic…

December 15, 2016


Justice and Mercy in Jesuit Aid: a Pairing of Panels

As a part of Jesuit Heritage Week, we held two panels, one on Jesuits and Justice in D.C., and one on Jesuit Service in Latin America. I was particularly struck by this piece of…

February 18, 2016


Connecting Power Back to Mercy

What do an imam, a rabbi, and a catholic chaplain have in common? At first thought, the answer seems like it may take a while to find. The answer becomes even more challenging…

February 17, 2016


Forgive Yourself

My understanding of the concept of mercy is rooted in forgiveness. This year, as Pope Francis calls on us to reflect and act upon merciful values, I believe it is important to…

February 16, 2016