A Message to the Georgetown Community Concerning the Roll-Back of DACA

photo by David Finnegan-Hosey, chaplain in residence, New South Hall

The Justice Department of the United States has announced a roll-back of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or “Dreamers” program. This decision adds great uncertainty and anxiety to a number of people in our Georgetown University community for themselves and their families. Having achieved through merit and academic success the opportunity to study and learn here, friends and classmates now live with the fear that this opportunity shall be taken from them suddenly or that they shall find themselves without a future at their graduation in the country they principally know.

We affirm the place of “Dreamers” at Georgetown and the great contribution they make to this university and this country.

President DeGioia wrote in his letter (new window) to the community on November 29, 2016, “I wish to encourage each of us to recommit ourselves to supporting one another—to working together to do all that we can to ensure that our community is a place of deep care for each person, especially those who feel most vulnerable.”

In a sign of solidarity and support for our undocumented students, neighbors, and friends, the Office of Campus Ministry’ s weekly prayer for peace at 3:50 pm in Dahlgren Quad will be dedicated to those most impacted by this decision. There we shall recommit ourselves to each other and those feeling most vulnerable in this moment.

We will pray for comfort. We will pray for fortitude. We will pray for each other.

In Peace,

The Office of Campus Ministry