Campus Ministry Welcomes Jonathan Makransky as Interreligious Coordinator

Jonathan MakranskyWelcome, Jonathan Makransky to Georgetown Campus Ministry. Makransky comes to Georgetown following his undergraduate studies at Boston College and Master’s studies in Theology at Harvard University and will serve as Campus Ministry’s interreligious coordinator.

As the interreligious coordinator, Makransky will work with the Jewish, Muslim, and Dharmic Life chaplaincies to facilitate and promote dialogue, events, and solidarity among Georgetown’s many faith communities. “I help the chaplaincies execute their programmatic missions and also contribute in various ways to the different programs that they offer like retreats and weekly services. I also assist with broader interfaith projects like Press Pause at the John Main Center” Makransky said.

Makransky attributes his passion for interfaith involvement to his religious and academic background. “This role seemed like the perfect fit for me. I grew up with Buddhism, I studied Islam in college, and my family is also involved in Judaism What I’m responsible for here at Georgetown worked out perfectly” Makransky said.

Joining a campus that prides itself on its interreligious camaraderie, Makransky looks forward to implementing a multitude of innovative ideas “I’ve been thinking about what sort of events Georgetown already has going on and what we could potentially add to and revamp a little bit. There are so many resources in the DC area to connect with around all the different faith traditions that I work with,” Makransky said.

Cura personalis will figure prominently in Makransky’s mission to bolster the Georgetown interreligious community. “I’ve been meeting with a lot of the Jewish, Muslim, and Dharmic Life students in the course of services and they’re all really driven to explore different avenues for interreligious programming. I really want to integrate my own work and my own personal life alongside some of the values that Georgetown embodies around care for the whole person in the context of interfaith Campus Ministry.”

We are excited to have Makransky join Campus Ministry as the interreligious coordinator.

by Dustin Hartuv

Dustin Hartuv is a junior at Georgetown and a staff writer for Campus Ministry.