Georgetown Welcomes Jesuit Novice: Justin Grosnick, n.S.J.

Upon first entering the Society of Jesus, an individual is referred to as a Jesuit novice for the first two years until the time he professes first vows. During this time, a novice engages in a series of experiments – a rather scientific way of referring to the various experiences in which a new Jesuit engages. This experiences include hospital wGronsick_Justinork, a pilgrimage, making the 30-day silent Spiritual Exercises. All of these experiments or experiences mirror the very same moments in the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola after his conversion. The purpose of these experiences is to test, challenge, clarify and confirm a novice’s vocation – all concluding with pronouncing first vows.

The final experiment or experience before professing first vows is a Jesuit novice’s long experiment. This is an extended time away from the actual novitiate when a novice engages in some facet of the apostolic work of the Society of Jesus, and lives in community involved in apostolic work.

It is in a spirit of great joy and gratitude that we have welcomed Justin Grosnick, n.S.J., to Georgetown Campus Ministry for this spring semester. Justin’s arrival here at Georgetown marks his return to the District of Columbia, having worked for the Department of State for six years prior to entering the Society of Jesus.

Justin joined us in January and has already plunged generously and wholeheartedly into the daily activities of Campus Ministry. He has been an active part on our retreats, as well as developing new programs such as our Lenten faith sharing groups.

We thank Justin for his willingness and generosity in joining the Campus Ministry community. May he benefit from his time here at Georgetown as much as we are benefitting from it!

Written by Father Gregory Schenden, S.J., Roman Catholic Chaplain

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