Prayer for Uvalde, Texas

image of a single candle flame

God of mercy and compassion, we come to you yet again with heavy hearts, for we have heard the cries of the slain calling to us from the ground. We come remembering all the lives lost and injured in Uvalde, Texas. And we ask for your mercy.

Although we find ourselves in a broken world it is no mystery that you are a God capable of healing our world through justice and fairness. We hope and trust that you stand firmly with all who cry out in suffering and loss. May we be empowered by your Spirit to stand in solidarity with those who suffer at this time, and to remain instruments of light in a world that, at times, is clouded by the darkness of violence.

We cry out to you, heal our souls from this curse of violence. Lord, we ask that you grant us the voice to speak in the voice of authentic justice and peace and demonstrate sacrificial compassion and mercy to the hurting.

Teach us your ways, O God. Bless us with the wisdom and strength to put down our swords and be peacemakers. Use us, work through us and, if necessary, work in spite of us to mend our nation’s brokenness.