A Glimpse into the Chaplains’ Teas from Behind the Lens

Despite having worked at Camp22215254932_8671628961_ous Ministry for at least half a semester, this fall was the first time I had the opportunity to attend Campus Ministry’s famous Chaplains’ Tea. But, unlike last semester, now you will likely see me always at Chaplains’ Tea. However, if you are looking for me, chances are you probably won’t find me conversing with anyone. There will often be a camera lens glued to my eye, as I scavenge around for candid photos of the event. Through the lens of my camera, there is often a whole other perspective of what occurs at the Chaplains’ Tea and I hope through this perspective, you will have a glimpse into what I see.

Through the lens of my camera, I see the long lines of students and faculty lining up while Georgetown catering ever so efficiently sets up the snacks and iced tea (sweetened or unsweetened) for the guests in attendance. You will often find carefully thought out delicacies in the form of finger sandwiches, with the crust cut off, and on more special occasions you’ll see the Georgetown Catering staff line the center of Hea22041178179_82e5dce8e0_oly Hall Foyer with options that will make a foodie’s heart swell with joy. Through the lens of my camera, I manage to capture all the carefully chosen decorations, that our ever so design savvy Hospitality Coordinator, Tiffany Lightfoot, and her hospitality team put together with the utmost care and choice. Not only can you see how carefully thought out their choices were, but how well they effectively are able to create a new ambiance with each Chaplains’ Tea theme.21606997853_440120cea6_o

Through the lens of the camera, I see the various interactions between all the attendees ranging from the Chaplains’ to students to the campus ministry staff and even occasional members of the administration. The genuine smiles that grace the faces of the attendees are a clear result of the enriching and excellent conversation that the Chaplains bring forth every Tuesday. Maybe if you’re lucky, you might end up in one of Imam Hendi’s famous selfies that often grace his Facebook page. Depending on the day, you just may even see Rev. Gregory Schenden’s, S.J., life sized 22011170762_46c83e0671_oPope, decorated to suit the theme of that weeks teatime. Every once in a while we’ll partner with campus organizations such as the Women’s Center or the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA), in which we’ll collaborate to bring audiences that typically have not attended our teas.

Through the lens, I often see the intermingling of various Georgetown communities in a way that I often do not see on a daily basis. As students pass through Healy, they stop and inquire and in return as that shifts into general conversation, they are able to connect and bond with those who are already present. Students seem to be genuinely interested in conversing with whoever is there, and through those instances I often see how their interactions with the varying Chaplains leaves an impact on a students future involvement at Campus Ministry events. Students are able to see the collaboration and the community that the Chaplains establish amongst themselves, which I think sends a huge message into the message of cura personalis as a Georgetown student.

As I take a step back from my camera lens, and look through the images that I’ve managed to capture for the day, I realize how necessary the Chaplains’ Teas prove to be. Through our various partnerships with offices across campus, and our weekly interactions with students, I realize the magic that occurs when we are unified. There are so many instances where growth has occurred, and that can definitely be attributed to the new interactions people have each week with ea22228041735_2487f0a9ca_och other.

The weekly tea is a hidden gem that the greater Georgetown community has yet to discover, as students spend the next couple years checking off the items on our extensive Bucket Lists, I definitely think that Chaplains’ Teas should make its way on to the list of each and every Georgetown student because after attending, I know they’ll definitely make its way into their hearts, as it did mine.

Written by Ndeye Ndiaye (new window), C’18