Engaging in the Difference: Campus Ministry Student Leaders Unite

Jumping Edited 2A couple of weekends ago, the Campus Ministry Student Forum (CMSF) participated in its second annual student leadership retreat facilitated by the Office of Campus Ministry, wherein the Presidents of 12 religious student organizations along with an elected executive committee were present. The retreat was a unique opportunity and space for students to come together and express the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations along with learning methods to combat and overcome challenges they encounter throughout the year.

I currently serve as the CMSF Edited Group ShotRepresentative on the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB), a group comprised of all six undergraduate advisory boards that represent student organizations on campus. This new perspective helped me look more holistically at the opportunities and challenges that Campus Ministry student groups encounter while serving in leadership positions. Not only was I able to connect my own leadership experience as the former Interfaith Student Association Chair within our small group discussions, but I engaged with other faith traditions to see how their structures and processes follow year-long goals they have established.

Even though business was in full swing, fun was also a priority. Stories were shared, laughs had, lively debate was sparked from a competitive game of religious trivia, but most importantly were the new faces and friends I found which made it easier to come back to the Hilltop and reflect on the type of impact I hope to cultivate for students involved with Campus Ministry now and for years to come.

Noreen Sajwani (new window), NHS ’15
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