Feeling the Force: Star Wars and Spiritual Truth

The wonderful thing about attending a Companions’ Dinner is that you know that any topic will bring about a fruitful conversation. However, I would have never thought that an Open Door Dinner on the new Star Wars movie would bring about one of the most riveting conversations on free will, destiny, and moral agency that I have ever had.

Although the conversation was specifically about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” I quickly realized that being well versed in the specifics of the movies was not necessary for this discussion. With storylines full of prophecy and destiny, such as those in Star Wars, the idea of free will is quite interesting. This idea was expanded to address the moral responsibility of the stormtroopers, the free will to choose your life path versus the destiny that is made for you, and the applicability of all of this in our world today. Another interesting facet of this conversation was whether God creates anything inherently evil, or whether evil (or the dark side of the Force) is necessary for there to be good, or the light. Needless to say, we could have kept discussing this subject all night.

At an Open Door Dinner with strangers I have never met before, the level of discussion and solidarity was incredible and fulfilling. I began to reflect on the path that God may have for me, but also my right to choose. Maybe every twist and turn along the way is ultimately taking me where I am meant to be, with the mistakes and doubts just as much a part of the grand plan. The thought that God will always be with me through my decisions is comforting and liberating. Exploring themes such as these over a dinner is the invaluable experience of Companions’. I am definitely open to suggestions for more “out there” dinners such as these, since good conversation can be spurred anywhere! If anyone has an idea they’d like to share, send them to


Written by: Katherine Cienkus, F‘18