Living out our Jesuit Values: A Series

At the start of this semester, our chaplains gathered together to speak to the Class of 2021 about the University’s Jesuit values and how they shape life at Georgetown. Over the next five weeks, we will be posting a series of blog articles to remind our community of how these values come to life and to encourage us as members of the Georgetown community to live for others. Each article will focus on a specific value and will feature the insights of our Chaplains given at this year’s NSO Jesuit values panel. Please follow us through this series as we examine the wisdom behind these statements.

This week, the series begins with Fr. Greg Schenden’s reflection on Cura Personalis: Care of the Whole Person. He began his reflection by emphasizing that these values are by no means uniquely Jesuit or even Catholic, but applicable to all people as a guide to living better lives. “Cura Personalis” he said, “means that there is more to you than just your intellect. It is also about who you are and what drives you, and you must know this to be able to care for your whole person.”

He then expanded this idea of personal care to the body of the community saying that Cura Personalis also means we must welcome and care for one hundred percent of every member of our community, leaving no one out. Pointing to the other chaplains on the stage he said “We have all of these chaplains precisely because we are Jesuit… all will be welcome.”

Listen to the rest of Fr. Greg’s comments as well as the entire panel discussion: