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Meditation and Reflection at the John Main Center

For many Georgetown students, busy schedules and marked-up planners are the norm. With such a fast-paced college culture, multitasking has become a necessity. Such a strong…

February 6, 2017


Reflection on the Buddhist Life Retreat

I didn’t know what to expect going to a Buddhist Meditation retreat. All I knew was that it was at the Calcagnini Center in Bluemont, VA and that’s all I needed to sign up.…

July 27, 2016


Finding Peace in Red Square

Between the 2:15-2:30 p.m. class break, Red Square is usually a flurry of coffee cups, flyers, and quick chats about upcoming midterms or quizzes. But this past week, members of…

October 30, 2014


Buddhist Meditation Retreat, Spring 2014

The Buddhist meditation retreat was a refreshing, calming getaway from the bustle of the Georgetown bubble. Our small group of about a dozen students made for an intimate setting…

May 1, 2014