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All These (Fascinating) Lives!

“You really can’t understand the Orthodox tradition without theology…” said Theo Lyketsos, a Russian major here at Georgetown. “Orthodoxy is embedded in culture, but…

May 7, 2014


Campus Ministry Student Forum

No one makes their spiritual journey alone. Along the way we encounter historical figures, writers, religious leaders, and even ordinary people who leave indelible marks on our…

April 10, 2014


Bring on the Books

I grew up as an only child, without a dog, in a small town in Central Massachusetts. Cue the image of a child throwing a tennis ball to himself against a wall – much of my…

March 6, 2014


Storytelling: IFYC Interfaith Leadership Institute

“I’m going to tell you a story.” Over the course of three days at the Interfaith Leadership Institute, which was hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core in Atlanta, GA, I heard…

February 14, 2014