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Bring on the Books LogoI grew up as an only child, without a dog, in a small town in Central Massachusetts. Cue the image of a child throwing a tennis ball to himself against a wall – much of my early existence was spent in constant search of entertainment and companionship. While the real world didn’t always have the answers, books did. Books were a window to take me away to new places where I could be whomever I wanted. At one moment, a student on a shapeshifting school bus, the next a boy banished in time out to a wild land or an orphan discovering his secret identity in a cluttered cupboard under the stairs. Books allowed me to find who I was and become the person I am today.

With the impact books have had in my life, I firmly believe in the power a book has in the hand of a child. With an incredibly low barrier for entry and an incredibly high rate on investment, reading can be one of the most formative activities in a young person’s life. An organization like Bring on The Books recognizes this goal with its emphasis on the grassroots empowerment of a new generation of readers and thinkers. If, like me, the gift of reading has played even the smallest role in your life, I hope you’ll consider paying it forward.

Charles Long (new window), COL ’15

More details about the 2014 Bring on the Books drive can be found below:

Bring on the BooksInstead of letting books sit at home, let them sit in the hands of a child. Donate to Georgetown University’s Bring on the Books Drive, which will be held between March 5th and April 20th. New and gently-used children’s books are accepted. The books will be donated to D.C. public schools and the D.C. Family Court System. Drop off locations include room 113 in Healy Hall and Corp locations.

Georgetown University’s
Bring On the Books Drive
(sponsored by Campus Ministry and GUSA)

Do you have gently used children’s books sitting at home? Donate them during Lent!

Donate gently used or new children books (ages 0-15, in ANY language) in the BINS located at

MIDNIGHT MUG, Uncommon Grounds, MUG, Saxby’s and The Georgetown University Bookstore

Drive ends April 20th.

Donate a book. Make a difference.

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