God & Country to Begin Performances at St. William Chapel in April

March 21, 2016

Georgetown University’s Protestant Ministry and the Working Group for Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation will sponsor a new play written and directed by Rev. Khristi L. Adams. The play, entitled “God & Country,” will begin performances this April and features seven Georgetown University undergraduates. God & Country will engage attendees to think about pressing national and world issues that have sparked passionate reactions nationwide; including the Black Lives Matter movement and the European refugee crisis.


The goal of the production is to expand the dialogue happening on campus around issues confronting the Georgetown community, the United States and the world. At the heart of the play is a central question all participants must engage with: ‘are you a part of the solution, or are you a part of the problem?’

In discussing the importance of the play, the writer and director, Rev. Khristi L. Adams, Protestant Minister at Georgetown emphasized, “students at Georgetown engage with critical issues confronting our world. But they are constantly challenged every day with highly charged language, especially on social media.” The language used on social media often pushes people to react, rather than question the words confronting them.

As Rev. Adams went on to say, “the students and I wanted to use theater as a venue to engage more intimately with the dialogues that happen on these platforms so that we as a community, and as a world, can more fully understand each other.”

Following the Sunday performance, Rev. Adams, the stars of the play and the audience will engage in a dialogue on the need to face and think about the language we use online. In addition, student actors will discuss the challenges they faced being cast in roles that pushed them to think differently. “At the end of our performance, we hope our audience will foster greater understanding and participate in a larger personal formation that brings our community closer together,” Rev. Adams added.

God & Country has already added new performances with showings set for St. William Chapel (Copley Hall) on Friday, April 15th (8:00 p.m.), Saturday, April 16th (noon & 7:30 p.m.), Sunday, April 17th (1:00 p.m.) and Monday, April 18th (7:00 p.m.)

Tickets for God & Country will go on sale March 28th. Admission to the play is $15 for general admission and $5 with a Georgetown ID. Those interested in attending should contact Rev. Khristi L. Adams at for more details.

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