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Holi Hai!

On April 2, a cloud of red, blue, yellow, green, and orange powder descended on Copley Lawn as students of all backgrounds gathered to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. Also…

May 3, 2017


Diwali 2016: Finally Finding Home on the Hilltop

Diwali at Georgetown University is a spectacle of color, music, prayer, and celebration. True to the origin of the festival, the emphasis is placed on the victory of good over…

January 24, 2017


In Remembering Our Ancestors, A Glimmer of Hope

I arrived on the Hilltop last August from the United Kingdom, a country engulfed in a national identity crisis, to another nation gearing up for a political showdown. Yet,…

January 18, 2017


Georgetown University Chaplains Reflect on Jesuit Values at New Student Orientation

Moderating the inaugural “NSO Jesuit Values Panel” was a very special honor for me. After all, who wouldn’t want to hang out with our amazing chaplains? But apart from, …

October 4, 2016


Inspired to Create a New Podcast Initiative: Here Comes “Hilltop Chats”

It was June 10, 2015 and my girlfriend and I were returning from a post-graduation vacation to the Dominican Republic when I received the phone call. It was Dr. James Wickman…

September 26, 2016


A Lesson in Hope In Becraft’s Story: Part of the “As This Jesuit Sees It” Series

Written by Rev. Matthew Carnes, S.J., Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies. This article originally appeared on September 16, in the Hoya…

September 16, 2016


Georgetown, a Jesuit university, is the first U.S. college with a Hindu priest as a chaplain

The following article was  posted by the Washington Post on August 30, 2016, written by Julie Zauzmer; photographs by Amanda Voisard (also of the Washington Post). The…

August 30, 2016


Georgetown Appoints First Director for Hindu Life and First Hindu Priest Chaplain in United States

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan as Georgetown’s first full-time Director for Hindu Life and the first Hindu priest chaplain in the…

August 8, 2016


Weaving Webs, Building Community

When I hear reflection, I think silence. I picture a peaceful place, quiet and secluded, away from the busyness that that occupies so much time and takes up so much mental space.…

February 18, 2016


Holi: The Festival of Colors

Holi, the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love”, is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in India. It starts with a massive bonfire that celebrates the…

June 17, 2015